Supreme Design Inside & Out in the New Toyota 4Runner

Everyone has a different reason for making the Toyota 4Runner an immensely popular midsize SUV. Its finesse on back roads and in streets make it the kind of ride that goes virtually anywhere. Beyond its off-road capabilities and flexible cargo space, the Toyota 4Runner has tons of nifty exterior features as well, such as the following two.

Two Wheel Sizes, Multiple Styles

Do you prefer six-spoke or seven-spoke? What wheel diameter would you like for your ride? Toyota 4Runner presents the options and more. Choose six- or seven-spoke in 17-inch and 20-inch diameters. Plus, you can opt for a matte black finish or an alloy silver look. It all depends on what you like. Toyota 4Runner's dizzying array of configurations lets you customize your ride to your needs and sensibilities.

Integrated LED Fog Lights

Our team at Sheehy Toyota of Fredericksburg is very exciting about the growing use of LED in automotive lighting. Toyota 4Runner's integrated LED fog lights are already ahead of the curve. LED is powerful, energy efficient and lasts forever, ensuring your fog lights provide years upon years of energy-saving, bright light to illuminate foggy conditions.

Test drive the Toyota 4Runner today at our dealership, and see everything there is to love about it.



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