New Toyota C-HR Brings You Comprehensive Airbag Coverage

SUV enthusiasts everywhere are beginning to wake up to the many safety-rich features that the new Toyota C-HR subcompact SUV brings to the table. While this vehicle may be on the small side in terms of sheer SUV size, it punches well above its weight in the safety arena. Well-designed features such as Toyota’s proprietary Star Safety System and comprehensive airbag coverage work together to provide passengers and drivers with superior levels of safety.

The Toyota C-HR offers occupants the safety and security of the Star system. This proprietary system is an amalgam of several sub-technologies that include traction control, awareness enhancement, and even independent braking technology. The many features of the Star Safety System work together to help drivers avoid getting into accidents.

In case accidents do happen, the new C-HR fields a wide-variety of internal safety features. For example, C-HR drivers and passengers can benefit from the presence of no less than 10 strategically placed airbags. In addition to comprehensive coverage for front seat passengers, rear-seat passengers can benefit from seat-mounted side airbags plus rear and side curtain airbag coverage.


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