New Toyota Avalon Exudes Athleticism

The new Toyota Avalon is a sleek, powerful, and popular full-size sedan. Unlike many sedans in its class that are rather clunky, the new Avalon exudes athleticism from every corner. This inherent athleticism is easily visible in the specialized aerodynamic shape and road-tuned suspension.

Toyota Avalon drivers will soon notice the quiet and aerodynamically optimized motion of this vehicle. This ease of movement through the atmosphere is no accident, because engineers at Toyota have included proprietary tangential vents on each side of the front bumper. Combined with specially shaped panels below the vehicle and available rear diffusers, these additions help this vehicle to hug the road and to minimize fuel use.

Another feature that helps the new Toyota Avalon stand out from the competition is its Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS). This system works through several preset driving modes, and can dampen unwanted movement in order to boost handling characteristics.


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