The Toyota Tacoma Ensures Your Safety

The Tacoma is still a popular mid-sized pickup among truck owners who want a dependable and reliable vehicle without being overly large. The latest models come equipped with standard and optional features to heighten safety levels. Explore all of the amenities of the Tacoma by visiting our Toyota sales facility.

In order to reduce the chance of becoming a front-end collision victim, sensors continually monitor the area. If sensors detect a possible hazard, the driver receives an audible and a visual alert to apply the brakes. If the brakes are not applied, the system automatically slows the vehicle by applying the brakes for you.

When driving on dark roads after sunset, the vehicle automatically engages the high beam headlights when needed. Sensors also turn the light intensity down when following another vehicle or when a vehicle approaches. The high beams resume in lieu of empty roadways. Venture to our Toyota dealership and enjoy a test drive.



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