The Bold New Look of the Toyota C-HR

The Toyota C-HR remains a popular choice among SUV owners who prefer a more efficient compact design. The vehicle is fun to drive and offers ample interior space. The new models also feature a more dramatic look. See the latest models by stopping in at our Toyota sales facility. Experience the fun by taking a C-HR for a test drive.

Sharp curves and lines combine with flared wheel wells to give the C-HR a robust appearance. A rear diffuser and a rear spoiler provide a sporty look while ensuring that the SUV is fuel-efficient. The halogen headlights look intense while offering the luxury of turning on and off automatically. The front also includes daytime running lights that ensure the vehicle remains highly visible.

The side mirrors feature heating technology while housing the turn signals and blind-spot alert system. The windshield wipers are designed to automatically detect moisture and initiate when needed. Sporty 18-inch alloy wheels complete the package.



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