Does Entertainment Work as a Hedge Against Motion Sickness?

Studies show that motion sickness can be averted through the focus of the eyes on something solid. For instance, when in a boat off the coast, maintaining focus on a land mass or the horizon has some degree of effect on the onset of motion sickness. Humans are sight-based animals and the concentration of attention on sight blocks or dampen the sense of motion that causes the feelings that are brought on through imbalance.

As a hedge against motion sickness, the sense of sight dominates the mind. Using a video feed to gain and maintain the attention of the sight sense can interfere with a child’s sense of imbalance while riding in a rear seat.

Reducing motion sickness while driving or riding in a car is beneficial to everyone making the trip. Come to Sheehy Toyota of Fredericksburg to have a video feed installed in your rear seats to help children prone toward motion sickness.



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