It’s All About the Climb-2018 ROMP Cotopaxi Summit

On September 28th, 2018 a team of 14 amputees and 8 non-amputees from the ROMP team, attempted to climb to the top of Ecuador’s Cotopaxi Mountain! The 19,347-foot mountain is one of the highest active volcanoes in the world and is located south of Quito, Ecuador. While most of the amputees were from the United States, 4 of them were from Ecuador. We’re incredibly happy to announce that this elite ROMP team successfully had 19 of the 22 people reach the top of the mountain!
ROMP (Range of Motion Project) is a non-profit organization whose goal is to provide amputees in underserved populations with the opportunity to enhance their mobility by providing them with the highest quality prosthetic care possible. ROMP believes that amputees aren’t disabled because of a missing limb but by a missing prosthetic and go above and beyond to provide as many amputees with limbs as possible. Whether it’s refurbishing old components, buying new prosthesis or even inventing new components ROMP does whatever it takes to get their patients whatever they need.
ROMP is currently helping populations in need in the United States, Ecuador, and Guatemala and have many programs centered around increasing mobility. One of the many programs they champion is the Climbing for ROMP event. This event is aimed at showing the world that amputees are capable of doing anything if they have the right care and prosthesis. Each year an elite team of amputees from around the world attempt to summit Cotopaxi in Ecuador in support of ROMP. This empowering event started in 2015 and continues to grow over the years. Over the 4 years this event has run, Climbing for ROMP has raised thousands of dollars and helped support 100s of amputees get prosthetic care.

At Sheehy Toyota of Fredericksburg, we are huge supporters of ROMP and their mission to provide amputees with the prosthesis they need. We are very proud to announce that our donation to ROMP has enabled at least 5 people to get high quality prosthetic care! ROMP is a truly incredible organization and we are so excited to be help so many people in need. We can’t wait to see how ROMP continues to grow and help amputees in need, in the years to come! Scroll down to see photos of the 2018 Elite ROMP team on their Cotopaxi climb. 




Brothers, Mark (far right) and Chris Simmons (far left) are driving 25,000 kilometers along the Pan American highway to raise money for ROMP. They planned their ongoing trip to meet up with the rest of the ROMP team for the Cotopaxi attempt. They are driving a 1984 TOYOTA Land Cruiser and are making their way south into Peru and Patagonia after the climb. Their story can be found at
The two amputees in this photo represent the military contingent of the Climbing for ROMP elite team. On the right is Tristan Wyatt who was an Army SAPR and lost his leg in Iraq (2003) when a rocket propelled grenade pierced his armored vehicle. He was one of 3 that was seriously injured during that event. On the left is Chad Jukes who was an army reservist doing convoy operations in Iraq in 2006 when his vehicle triggered an IED. Both men are incredibly successful and we're so happy they could make the climb up Cotopaxi.

The 4 individuals in the photo on the left are the Ecuadorian amputees who are patients of ROMP. They are soccer players, runners and triathletes. Mountain climbing is new to most of them and they do it to give back to the organization that has given them mobility.

*Photo credits: Silverline Films
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