Look Closer at the Toyota Corolla iM Safety Features

The new Toyota Corolla iM is the popular hatchback you have to see to believe.

The Toyota Corolla iM is going to help to keep you safe from all sorts of distractions. Whether you are tired or not paying attention to the road, the Lane-Keeping System uses radars to monitor your position on the road and will vibrate the steering wheel to get your attention if the vehicle drifts from the lane.

One feature in the new Toyota Corolla iM that will help to reduce the chance of a rear-end collision is the Pre-Collision Assist. Radar technology is scanning the road ahead, if something is in your path, the driver gets several alerts before the braking system will pre-charge to stop the vehicle and reduce injury.

One of the best decisions that you can make is getting behind the wheel and taking the Toyota Corolla iM for a test drive at Sheehy Toyota of Fredericksburg today.

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